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After my recent introduction to pedal building via a couple of Bitsbox kits, I've gone a bit build crazy! I've been using the schematics from Guitar FX Layouts and buying components from bitsbox, rapid electronics and ebay. Really enjoying building the pedals and is such a cheap way to sample loads of different FX, I haven't bought a pedal in over four months astonished .

Here's what I've built so far.....

Vico Vibe. Small trem unit mainly for live use as small footprint and doesn't make my fuzz sound bumble bee unlike my TR2...
A Zen Drive clone.
Another Sweet Honey clone, this time as a birthday present for a mate .
An MXR Dyna Comp clone. Effective, but not sure if it's quite my sort of comp, might try an optical style one next.
....and my favourite so far... a Sun Face clone. I've used ASX12D Germanium transistors. The sun dial control can take you to some really glitchy and gated fuzz sounds. The main board is on the right and the board on the left is a to reverse the polarity so I can use it with a negative centre power supply.

At the moment I'm sticking with vero board. It's not always that pretty, but I like the total DIY aspect and it start to get expensive when buying kits with PCBs. Just finishing a Phase 45 with a univibe mod and bias/mix controls and next on my list is a monster univide build... the Madbean Harbinger One! Just need to try and remember to fit in some guitar playing.

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