NBD: Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass - M.I.J. (non-export) 2016

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grayngrayn Frets: 200
Just got this on a trade.
It's one of those Japanese Fenders, that should have stayed in Japan but didn't.
The previous owner bought it, whilst over there.
I've owned a Japanese, non-export Jazz Bass, before.
But that one had been upgraded with Nordstrand pickups and a high mass bridge.
This one is all original and even came with the plastic, still on the scratchplate and pickups.
So, as new really.

The first thing you notice about this beauty, is the looks.
Beautifully finished, with that almost dark burgundy, metallic, candy apple red.
And a stunning, matching headstock.
I know some folk hate painted headstocks.
I love 'em.
Add to that, the cream binding and carved top and it's hard not to be very impressed.

The hardware is all, standard Fender, thats traditional and very workmanlike.
I must admit, I would prefer a high mass bridge but the bog standard Fender bridge works just fine.
There are 2 things that aren't standard, Jazz bass gear.
The pickups are one P. and one J. and the J. is further from the bridge, than is usual.
Also, the nut is not as rediculously narrow, as I often see on modern Jazz basses.
It's extremely close in width, to my Sandberg California II VT4.
Which really suits me.

I've only played it through my home rig but I like it's sound.
My 2 favourite settings are:  P. on full (10) and J. on 8, which gets a P. tone with a tad more bite.
And P. on 8 and the J. on 10, which as you may have guessed, gets a J. tone, with a tad more thump.
I look forward to getting it through my band rig, later this week.

The only fettling I had to do, when I got this bass home, was take the action down.
I like a good solid action but this was set up for some mighty digits.
5 mins with an allen key and it's just how I like it, with very decent intonation, too.

I've owned a lot of Jazz basses, by a variety of manufacturers, over the years.
But this has to be the bonniest.
Whether it's the best tonally, I doubt.
But that's because I've had some pretty high end jazzers.
This variation on a theme however, is a lot of fun and quite a class act.

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