FS: Boss PW-3 Analogue Wah (NOT the V-Wah) - Price Drop £50

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Mint Boss PW-3 Wah (boxed) and this hasn't been on my board. This isn't the digital V-Wah model.

http://imgur.com/a/3HM3w (fiver not included but there for scale)

The spec bumf is in the link below but the main points are that it's got a smaller footprint than a regular wah (not quite a mini-wah but more the Xotic size). It has 2 useful modes, lights on the side to show it's on and isn't made from plastic and is very sturdy (same construction as the new volume/expression pedals).
This is a different beast to the previous Boss digital wahs - this one's analogue and sounds great.


£80 £60 PPG including Special Delivery posting


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