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WMD Geiger Counter 

Fruit cake, bananas, mad, bonkers, and all in a splendid way. 

Excellent condition , no box. 


JRAD Ikon 

Mint, I think (apart from the velcro) 

Exceptional clean boost. Boxed. 


Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor (Handwired) 

Some paint missing from the base plate & a few marks and small scratches, but is boxed. 
Lovely compressor, with sustain switch. 


Prices assume PPG and includes shipping if you want to buy. 

Looking for fuzz I think.. 

A Thorpy Veteran is at the top of list, but let me know what you have if you want to trade.

Supersonic Fuzz Gun, Pharaoh, Scarab Deluxe all of great interest   

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