ES335 feedback, live onstage.

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My 1997 Blonde Dot re-issue ES335 is 'feedback friendly' live onstage. 

I used a 1962 Fender Strat for 20 years, then a 1976 Les Paul Deluxe to save wearing out my Strat beyond repair. I traded the Deluxe for my current workhorse, a 1997 Blonde ES335. 

Unlike my Strat and Les Paul's, this 335 offers feedback to use as a condiment, a compliment to it's 
already super sound and tone. 

I am keen to know if all 335 players manage feedback onstage, or if I have
just got lucky with this guitar and have gear that facilitates feedback. 

My two main pedals are not available over the Music Shop counter. 
They are handmade products I bought from Benjamin Craig, he builds amps and pedals
out of a small workshop in South Africa.

 I use his Vintage 'G' pedal for rock rhythm guitar and a modded lead pedal from his 'stock' collection.  
He titled the modded pedal the 'WoodMAUL Distraction' .....and this is the one that delivers
outrageously manageable feedback. 

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