Musicians Hearing Scheme - Professional moulded earplugs worth £170 for £40

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Want a free hearing test and £170 worth of professional, moulded earplugs for £40? Apply above, share with your musician buddies.

Don't be put off by the application form; music is not my primary income source and I'm not gigging a lot at the moment; but I've still benefitted from this scheme. it will be in their interests to get people involved as it will be government funded, so don't be afraid to fudge your musical credentials a bit!

EDIT: I should add - the earplugs are exceptional. Try and get your ears cleaned before you go for your appointment (the NHS will do it for nothing) because they will need you to have clean ears and will charge £50 for the privilege.

When ask about the earplugs you want, you may be asked whether you sing or play a brass or woodwind instrument. Say that you do; even if you don't. You will be given special filters that help to even out the pressure in your skull that sometimes occur when you block your ears. In comparison with my previous earplugs they are far superior as the sound is untouched. Very clear highs.

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