Derby/Burton/Lichfield Guitarist Wanted

J_R_HJ_R_H Frets: 2

I am looking for a guitarist that can take on lead and rythm and can do backing vocals in my americana/folkish/bluesy kind of band.

Influences: Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills Nash, Bob Dylan, The Band, the usual suspects really.

I am putting the finishing touches to an album I have been recording and it should all be finished by the end of the year.  You can have a listen to some samples from the album here:

My plan is to keep practice to a minimum and play choice gigs, locally at first and then take in some of the festivals next year.  The idea is to learn the songs at home and when everyone is ready meet up for a couple of jams to iron out any bugs then book a few gigs

I am  not too fussed about age but ability is essential

I would also like to start writing with a band instead of on my own.

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