**SORTED** Frontman and Bassist needed in Northants area

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The band of a mate is looking for a new frontman and bassist. Can be the same person or 2 people.

They are a great band with a big local following. They gig loads.

His text:

  • Garrison - require bassist and a frontman. 
  • Bassist and Frontman (or both) needed urgently by Northampton based rock covers band. 
  • Well regarded on local scene (East/West Mids) we have been active over 3 years now. 
  • Have a good standard of musicianship, performance, gear and set list.
  • Gigs already booked up for rest of year. 
  • Would suit more mature people as we're all middle aged but more than that you'll need to be reliable and have the chops. Sense of humour a big plus!
  • Set list ready to learn. 
  • Auditions to be held at Audio Works, Northampton. 
  • Get in touch - JD 07500 881707

facebook page:
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