URGENT: Singer for covers band needed for paid gig 28th July - Kent/Sussex

ricorico Frets: 876
The Slow Declines are in need of a singer for an upcoming gig (Friday 28th July) near Sevenoaks. 

Due to personal reasons our current singer is most likely unable to play this gig with us but we would prefer to honour our commitment to the event hence this ad. 

The essentials: 

- two one-hour long sets 
- a mixture of 30 or so rock n' roll, rock, blues and country covers (set list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oR4_9Qx2rPOlGIyhuxLIQR1U2RIcZ0FeNGYwp7qcHv8/edit#gid=0
- pro PA and engineer for the gig 
- paid gig and free beer 
- four hour practice session booked for this Sunday in great rehearsal room near Tunbridge Wells 

If you are interested and local please get in touch! 

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