TRADED: Fender Stratocaster Plus 50th Anniversary (1996) - hand-painted

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Well, bit of an odd one this! Hand-painted by a local artist, part of me thinks I should never sell it - and it plays and sounds great and I love its looks. But it hardly gets played (I struggle with single coils)) and I have no display room. 

The back of the neck has been smoothed down, the fretboard lacquer removed (it was flaking) and SCN Noiseless pickups fitted. It has 100% new wiring, pots, switch, jack and S1 switching.

The major marks are from stupid youthful attempts to make it roadworn as I hated the stock black!

Looking for £500. Collect from Carlisle or Kirkbride, Cumbria. 

Pictures here:
My band, No Soap No Radio.

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