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I'm currently using a Yamaha DXR10. It sounds great, particularly at loud volumes.

But I am considering something different partly for space reasons - square boxes (or wedges that can be stood upright with a flat top) are easier to fit into the space I have, and partly because although the fan on the DXR10 is no louder than my PC, I have an unreasonable and pathological hatred of fan noise when I'm playing guitar.

(For some reason the fans on my PC don't bother me. Don't ask me why, I don't know!)

One of the reasons I went with the DXR was a greater freq range than most FRFR, so I could use it with bass. However, I'm getting better bass results using my trad bass cabs, and I like to go 4CM with my Darkglass head for bass use.

So any replacement for the DXR10 does not need to go as low as the DXR does.

My short list is

Atomic CLR 
Matrix FR12
Red Sound RD LG12
Friedman ASM-12

The Friedman is probably the outside choice as it is about twice as heavy as the rest. But then again I'm not going to be moving it very often so maybe that won't really matter very much.

Are there other fanless options I don't know about?

Anyone given all / some of these a proper go?

"Guitars are just basses for kids"

Gregor Fris

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