Squier Bullet Mustang

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Squier Bullet Mustang in Imperial  Blue 24" scale, Basswood body, Maple/Rosewood neck.

On unpacking a general look over reveals bloody good quality at the cost, neck pocket is tight, hardware is OK, Jazz Bass style knobs feel cheaper than the real thing, paint finish and colour is good, no sharp fret ends although when bending strings the frets are scratchy, slightly disappointing, the strings are a bit rusty, but in fairness they will be changed anyway.....the neck is paler than an anaemic albino, but it seems the norm for budget guitars nowadays, but the thin satin finish is well applied.
Out of the box the truss rod needed a tweak as the neck relief was about 50 thou, nut action could be a shade lower, but we are talking thous......string action is about 2mm and could come down a bit, intonation is spot on.
Tuners are a bit vague but once the strings were streched a couple of times, held the tuning well.
Plugged in the budget nature of this guitar shows through, the bridge pickup is best, nice and grungy for Nirvana stuff, the neck pickup is to me a bit boomy and muddy, which affects the both pickups on selection.....
So, I bought this on a whim, to mod and faff with and am not disappointed, its a £115 delivered, epic value, great for kids being short 24" scale.....
It will be modded!
JB and Jazz pickups in the secret cupboard along with recycling a set of locking tuners and a set of 10’s possibly 11’s.....oh, and a fret polish....

Stranger from another planet welcome to our hole - Just strap on your guitar and we'll play some rock 'n' roll

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