FS(SOLD) Marshall 2525H Mini Jubilee Head, (NOW £530!)

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Pics tomorrow if there's any light to be had up here in Glasgow.

Update, pics added, figured that waiting for the sunshine was a fools errand !





I had to have one of these to try out. I had an original 2x12 combo back in the 90s and loved it so it was inevitable from the moment they announced these that I would have to get one to scratch that itch.
So I did, and it's cool & all but yeah. 25 years later it's not where I'm at anymore.

Its minty fresh, still got the plastic on the front plate, the footswitch has never even been out of the box, got the manual, IEC, and as a Brucie bonus it's got a v swish Hot Covers cover to keep its cute little self snug & warm.

I'm Glasgow Southside, don't have the packaging but it's compact form factor should make finding a box & posting it a bit more viable..although at cost and buyers risk !

£650 for this unbearably cute little box of rock

NOW £600 

Now a mere £570 in one man "Boss Gone Mad/Black Friday" type extravaganza. You dont get deals like this from Captain Lee, I tell you !

£530, come on man I’m cutting my own throat !
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