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Tim asked me to make a slightly updated version of his favourite guitar : a 1959 Fender Strat.
We did our preferred three piece neck construction with quarter-sawn maple for a strong stiff and stable neck.
2 way truss rod with adjustment at the headstock end.
So he wanted a flatter 12" radius fingerboard with Dunlop 6000 gauge fretwork
Locking tuners, an Earvana nut, and an all access neck joint round out the updated part of the equation - the rest is left classic

The alder body , apart from it's all access neck pocket is unaltered from the classic form and features simply the best quality bits that we like to use . 
So some Bare Knuckle '59 slab board pickups with CTS pots and CRL switch with parchment plastics
We did screen the control cavities with Nickel screening compound.
We also used a custom made strat bridge made by an engineer friend here in the UK with a cold rolled steel sustain block

I do make bolt on neck guitars (other than Blackmachine B6s) although we seem to be better known for LP types

Anyway here are some pics

Many guitars have a re-sale value. Some you'll never want to sell.
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