Guitarist Wanted (Midlands playing Funk, Soul, Disco)

Hi all,

A drummer I play with in a rock covers band is setting up a new outfit. Its not really my thing so he's looking for a funky soulful guitarist to join....oh and a keys player if there are any lurking here!

Here's his ad, if anyone is interested let me know and I can put you in touch with him.


Experienced drummer and bassist (40’s) and a great sounding female lead vocalist (30)  are seeking a guitarist (and keyboardist) for a covers band performing funk, soul, disco and other party / dance floor  classics to a high standard.

We are looking to play the pub and club circuit (1 gig already booked and many more waiting) in and around the Midlands but not looking to travel up and down the country.

We’re very interested to hear from guitarists that are of a good standard (at least) who are in it for the love of the music rather than just the money. Lead and/or backing vox would be very welcome.

At the moment we rehearse in central Birmingham but can choose somewhere that is fair to all.

We want to get a good group of friendly people with helpful attitudes together. People that aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work in perfecting our performance and to simply enjoy the ride and process together, without letting politics or game playing get in the way.

We have an initial set list to work with but we're more than happy to hear and work with your ideas and suggestions in developing this set further.

So, if any of the above appeals to you, please get in touch.

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