GOTOH locking machine heads.

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My first experience with locking tuners was a few years back when I fitted some Schallers to a guitar I was modifying. I thought they were wonderful and subconsciously vowed to fit them to all my future guitars.

When I had to re-string a more recent guitar I decided to change the tuners but couldn't find the same Schallers in gold three-a-side so I, reluctantly, got some GOTOHs. They are fantastic - as soon as I saw them in their clear plastic packing I was smitten. Much better than the Schallers - which were perfectly lovely. So smitten that when I recently bought a 12 string I got myself two sets to install when I need to change strings - I haven't experienced it yet, but assume it'll be a bit of a pain and a lot easier with locking tuners - and can you imagine how fab 12 of them will look!!

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