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[edit - We've changed the name of Speakers Corner to Behind Closed Doors.  Where this post refers to Speakers Corner / SC, think Behind Closed Doors / BCD.  The intention remains the same.]

A little "tweak" to the organisation of threads here between these two sections.

The original intention of Speakers Corner was that it would be our online equivalent of the real life Hyde Park Speaker's Corner.  A section of the forum where anyone could talk about anything they wanted, as long as it stayed legal.  There was also a (naive) hope that what went on in SC stayed in SC, and disagreements that originated there wouldn't be perpetuated across the rest of the forum.

Whilst the rest of the forum is completely open and viewable by non-members, you have to be signed-up and logged in to be able to view SC.  Even then, you can opt out of SC, and all SC threads are deliberately excluded from the Recent Discussions view.

That way, we thought, all the contentious and NSFW content, and all the intra-membership arguments, would be kept out of public view.  It's not quite worked out that way, and we've let things slide for a while, but it's now time for a bit of a tweak.

By "contentious", we weren't thinking about Bigsbys or whether Strats should have a 12" radius board, but we were thinking about topics that weren't related to the core of the forum (ie gear, music, etc) that were likely to create strong feelings and passionate debate.  Broadly, that's Politics, Religion, Sex, Daily Mail style headlines (etc).  We'll also put some of the more self-absorbed topics in there too - I really doubt that Mr Google and his bots are too bothered about the various comings and goings.

Just to clarify; when Tony Blair returns to ask for tips on his guitar playing, that'll go in the Technique section as now.  If he wants to ask for tips about his day job, that'd go into SC.  If a thread about his guitar playing strays into a debate about his day job, the thread will be split with the appropriate posts going into the separate sections.

Most contentious content is already in SC, but sometimes it leaks across into OT, or topics in OT take an unexpected turn into SC style content.  

So, this is just to announce to all that we'll be taking a slightly more active modmin approach in future, to ensure that the contentious stuff goes into, and stays in, SC.

The purpose is - unashamedly - to present a better image of the forum to the general browsing public, as well as to ourselves.  Any member can opt-in to see SC threads, and can also decide that they don't want to bother with that sort of content and opt-out.  Fundamentally, this is a guitar/music forum and whilst we have no desire or intention to stop the other debates, we do want them clearly separated from the core of the forum.

No other changes.  The rules for OT and SC remain unchanged.  We'll continue to take a very light approach to moderating SC content, and more-or-less anything goes (as long as it's legal), in that section.

Well, no other changes apart from we might rename SC if we can think up a title that's more obviously descriptive of what's in there!
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