Providence Anadime ADC-4 Chorus

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I recently acquired one of these and have spent quite a lot of time with it now, I have been on a bit of a chorus quest over the years and I think this is the one for me. They are a bit pricey but I managed to save a bit by buying a used one in basically new condition with the box, manual etc.

The positive highlights for me are....

- tonally very transparent, doesn't emphasise the mids or muddy things like some chorus pedals do or add brightness, hi-fi in a good way, just adds the amount of chorus you want to your precious guitar tone without changing it.

- linked to the above - seems to modulate very evenly across the range of the guitar - i.e. similar depth of chorus to the lows and highs as well as around the middle 

- the depth switch which controls the delay time of the modulated signal gives the unit three distinct chorus sounds from slightly flanger-esque and watery at the lowest to very rich and lush at the highest. Combined with the depth knob there are a wealth of possibilities available

- the mix / blend knob - essential for me as I only like a touch of chorus to add movement - even at the lowest setting the chorus is still there but just adding a lovely subtle sense of movement to the sound

- buiid quality, bypass etc seems really good - LED flashes with the rate which I am not entirely sure I like. The range of the controls is very wide but still easy to get just what I want out of it

How I am using it....

I really don't like heavily chorused sounds, e.g. the CE-2 does not suit me at all, what I like is a subtle sense of movement that adds just a touch of vibrato and 'throb' to my clean sound (mostly), the Anadime does this beautifuly for the reasons stated above. It will also do much more prominent chorus sounds too of course. The 'throb' part is quite key for me, adds a touch of a rotary / Leslie / univibe effect,  I think it has  something to do with the depth of the chorus across the frequency range (?). The Arion has this and that is what makes it special, the Anadime does too but in a much cleaner way even at the low mix / blend settings that I use. Jamming with it today I was getting lost in a rich, warm, jazzy fusion sound without any sense of that pristine digital sounding chorus thing but with great clarity too. It's just a very musical sounding unit to my ears that's quite easy to find what I want from and makes me want to just keep playing. 

On the the way here....

- MXR Analog - good unit but not keen on what the buffer does to my sound and I never really found quite what I wanted from it 

- Arion SCH-1 - modded it for delay times and mix / blend, lovely rich vibey chorus of course, lacks the clarity of the Anadime and I don't like the box (bit shallow of me I know)

- Boss CE-5 Analog - the chorus pedal lasted the longest with me - if I couldn't have the Anadime this would be my next choice of the ones I have used, subtle and effective

- Catalinbread Callisto - to my ears very bright, in and out in days because of this

- oops forgot Made in Japan Boss CE-2 - taught me I need a mix / blend control, also changes tone
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