HK Audio Linear 5 L5 115FA Active Speakers

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Awesome speakers; seriously powerful. Fine for full range application or used as tops with subs.
I've had them from new. At a guess they've probably got 50-60 gigs on them and never thrashed. Far more powerful than what I have ever needed! Subsequently i down sized a couple of years ago and decided to keep hold of these just incase i needed the larger speaker and extra power, but I haven't used them since. I always ran them with subs as well, so they really havent had a hard life!

Absolutely excellent speaker, but with a baby on the way i'm having to free up cash where I can!! Cant justify keeping them just because i like them and 'might need them one day' dissapointed 

They retail new for about £900 a cab, then there's the covers too. As the photos show, there are a few nicks and scrapes, but its all just paintwork. Bit of tuffcab and they're as new.
All things considered, I think £1150 seems reasonable?

Ideally i'd like them collected from Bradford, West Yorks. I get around the region a bit with work and gigs, so i'd be quite happy to travel a little out of my way to accomodate them being collected, as postage would be an absolute arse.
If it helps, i'm heading to london on the morning of Sat 28th, staying at Hanger Lane, in Watford on the sunday, and heading back up north on the evening of Sun 29th. Happy to meet/stop off anywhere along the way!


Any questions; get in touch.


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