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To the Composition Challenge participants

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Let me have your thoughts on this ...

A lot of the submissions to the challenges is - IMHO - of just about professional standard. 

The composition challenges also have the extra interest of different interpretations on a theme, and often an explanation from those taking part about their thinking, recording process and equipment.

I'd like to get some of that content out to a wider audience - firstly because I think the compositions deserve to be heard more widely, and secondly because I'd hope that the extra exposure might encourage more people to participate.

Mark / Jooky (remember him?) is currently publishing a couple of music-related "things".  One is the guitar quarterly hardback book and the second is his weekly 4:52am e-magazine.

4:52am, being an e-mag, incorporates a lot of rich media rather than just pictures and words.  Talking to Mark, he'd be very happy to feature some of the music-making challenges that we've done here. 

Win for him - gives him some different content that would build into a regular series.
Win for us - gives us more exposure as a forum generally and to the composition challenge specifically.

(Obviously, someone may get offered a mega-£m recording contract when their composition gets heard, but please don't hold your breath waiting for that).

GuitarQuarterly:  https://www.guitarquarterly.co.uk/4-52am/
Current 4:52am:  https://www.452am.co.uk/features/magazine/

What are your thoughts on this generally, and would anyone specifically not like for their work to be included?
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