Gartone ACE 20w 2017 review

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Ok so had the amp for a few months now and played a number of gigs so decided it was time for a review.

This amp is a 20 watt handwired 6v6 model, pine cabinet and celestion gold speaker. Has two channels and spring reverb.

Channel 1 has single tone and volume control

Channel 2 has bass, treble and volume control.

I'm really pleased with this purchase. I'm not that experienced with vintage amps so difficult to compare with other models, but I have played a couple of original silverface deluxe models and a tweed deluxe clone. This doesn't directly compare to either and I've have A/B'd it with my friends vintage blackface mod silverface deluxe. There are similarities, but not like for like. brown face maybe? I wouldn't know.

Channel 1 does this amazing warm tone, especially with my 335. You get can that jazz sound and go right through to crunch. There is a hint of tweed tone in there. I love this channel at home volumes. You can push it and break it up still.

Channel 2 is a little more aggressive, crunchy and slightly louder. Somewhere between blackface and tweed. I can get clean at a pretty good small gig volume but push the guitar volume and tones up on the amp and it breaks up lovely. 

This amp reacts so well with the guitar volume you don't really need a drive pedal for blues etc. It can also chime for country and 50s rock n roll and go to stones and clapton heaven when pushed. Bass is really tight and never flabby.

The really amazing thing is how you can have the tones on zero to full with a really usable sound and tone at any setting. No harshness at all. Same with the reverb. With it on max it is still usable..fender surf music heaven but never drowning.

The build quality is first class. Beautifully made. 

No Footswitch, no fuss, nice simple box of tone. Weight is 19kg. Easy to transport.

Any negatives?

I would of liked a trem but martin advised the circuit doesn't suit it and it would reduce the tone. So fair enough. I bought a swamp thang pedal.

Prob not suited to somebody looking for pure fender glassy clean tone at gig volume..This has a little warmer character to me and mid breakup. I think the amp suits humbuckers on any setting. Single coils need to be dialled in a little more but once you are there it is fab.

The sound is so clear that it is unforgiving...It highlights all my sloppy playing

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