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Been a Boss user for many years and have had quite a few of their pedals over that time; some I've kept and many others I've moved on. I'd searched for an SP-1 for a long time but anytime they show up they're very pricy and not knowing if I was going to like it, I was wary of spending that amount.

Taking advantage of the fact it's my 60th and a discounted set appearing on eBay I took the plunge on a Box-40 set. I have a PH-1 already which I love and I've had a couple of OD-1's over the years but it's never tempted me to hold onto; a bit too thin sounding, at least at the volumes I'm able to play at. The big draw of Box-40 was the SP-1.

The PH-1 is the only one that I'm able to directly A/B and I have to say I slightly prefer my original over this reissue. There's not much in it but the reissue sounds more like the PH-1R with Resonance turned down ie. a clean sounding 4 stage with notable warmth to the phase. My original PH-1 has a very slight hint of modulation going on which is lacking in the reissue. Boss say they spent time ensuring these new versions were exact copies of the originals sonically, so perhaps my original has decayed over time. 

The OD-1 is the best I've used. The two I've had in the past (both 4558) had a thinness and lack of bass which was a bit wearing on the ears after a while. The reissue, which I presume they've tuned to sound like the original 14 pin version is much better. It's still definitely an OD-1, the bass is reduced but by far less and it works far better at low volume.

The SP-1 is everything I hoped it would be. I play mainly bass these days and it was for bass that I got this. The Spectrum knob sets (I presume) the mid point of the tone and the Balance works to mix the clean and effected signals. It's very cool on bass, esp. when using a neck pickup as it allows you to dial in some top end with the Spectrum knob, while retaining the full bass effect with the Balance set to a 60/40 mix. 

I'd originally planned on maybe keeping the SP-1 if I liked it and moving on the other two but now that it's arrived I'm thinking I'll keep the set. If and when these eventually get discounted they're well worth shelling out for if you like simple effects in the best pedal box design ever.
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