FS/FT AMT active mini vol w 3db boost.

Winny_PoohWinny_Pooh Frets: 3274
edited February 2018 in FX £
Sold:Voodoo Labs Giggity £75 posted

*AMT LLM 2 zero mini volume* 3 position volume switch, optical design. 

Excellent condition, barely used but small case bend in the front. Velcro-d £65 posted


Sold on Gumtree: CE pedals FET dream
Dumble style pedal, excellent condition with new Alpha 3dpt switch fitted.
£95 posted - sold on Bumtree

SOLD on ebay: J Rockett Tranquiliser - does Phase 45 to leslie-ish and a good vibrato. Almost new w original box
£125 posted

Sold on ebay: Reuss cab drive - £85 posted
True to original clone with the correct 14 pin chip.
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