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I realise that the current batch of "...of the month" challenges are still being voted on, but I wanted to give you details about next month's END OF YEAR SPECIAL!

We're going to have a single challenge with a theme.  So, a bit like the composition challenge, except that the submissions might be very simple, reflecting the theme.

I've also managed to rustle up a prize or 3 thanks to the generosity of some of our business members.

  • Donated by @TheGuitarWeasel ;;;;
    £50 off any set of Oil City pickups (costing over £100).
    Pretty much all of us know Ash and his products, and many of us already have the benefit of his pickups in our guitars.
    But if you've somehow not stumbled across them yet, take a look at:  http://www.oilcitypickups.co.uk/index.html
  • Donated by the Major @ThorpyFX ;;;;
    A CHAIN HOME Tremelo pedal.
    I might just have saved the best-til-last with this one!
    For all the detail on this - and all his other pedals - check the website (and read some of the recommendations) at https://thorpyfx.com/

Submissions will be accepted until 0800 on Monday 4th December, with voting open until 11th December.  That way, we should be able to get the prizes (vouchers/pedal) into the hands of the winner in time for Christmas.

And, having mentioned that word, the theme ..

"What I'd like to hear when I open a Christmas Card".

Inspired by those wonderfully "tasteful" cards that play a tune when you open them, but it might equally be what's playing on the radio at the time, or whatever musical accompaniment you might choose to have when you open Christmas cards.

The composition can be as simple or a complex as you choose to make it, but there's a time limit of 90 seconds (otherwise the battery in the card will run out), and please submit in mp3 format.

Submissions to EOTY@theFB.co.uk.

That timing might also mean that we can sneak an article into the pre-Christmas edition of 4:52am magazine, so, clearly, fame and fortune are on offer for the winner, as well as those prizes.

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