Thorn So -Cal Custom Series Guitar

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Thorn thinline guitar with three Ron Thorn low output  custom humbuckers.
Very versatile guitar in  excellent condition.
Ron works  his magic on the Bigsby ,combined with locking tuners means excellent tuning stability.


Just received some more info on specs from Ron Thorn via a very kind Fretboarder 'Surfguy'-------------------------------------------------

-------------Those are Rickenbacker "toaster top" pickups that I wound. They are very low output because the bobbins are so narrow and small.
When I get to the shop later today I can tell you the approximate output. I still have one left. I believe it's the only Thorn I used them on, I should do something about that - I thought they sounded great.

I do recall the original owner experimenting with the heights of the pickups. Since they're not floating and easily adjustable, I seem to recall him making shims to raise the heights.
This was probably 8 years ago, so I'm a little vague on the specifics.
The color is Lake Placid Blue, probably darker in person than in the cruddy parking lot photos I used to take.
The fingerboard radius is 10".

I'll see what other specs I can pull up on it later today.

Ron Thorn


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