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Post female artists who you think rock...
Could be from ANY GENRE, just women who you think rock, in your opinion...

Love this tune, love the name of this album it's on too 'Bricks Are Heavy'
We all know that L7 also means square... but...
This album's released by a label called Slash...
So on the side of it, it's got Slash written on it, I think that's kind of funny.

Gwen Stefani of No Doubt
Love this album, love these tunes/songs, Gwen Stafani rocks, IMO.
This woman is sexy too. Defiantly crush worthy IMO too (this whole thread should be in our own opinions; IMO stands for in my opinion) - so you may see me say IMO a lot in this thread...

I believe I've posted this here before, but I'd post it again (for me)...
Saffron of Republica
Love her songs, she writes all her songs, and they're great. Great voice, great look/style, colour Red seems to be her thing, and it was my fandom of Republica with Saffron being a crucial part of that running around with her redness... coupled with my own proximity of red busses to match my red post boxes and the odd calling card filled phone box; Is why I took to my used 1996 Red Sparkle Top Gibson Les Paul so much... It reminds me of London and Saffron/Republica, which also reminds me of London and I bought it in you guessed it; on my doorstep (When Greek Street and Denmark Street is your door step)... (Love life). - Saffron reminds me of my guitar!.. but my guitar's it's own thing and Saffron's a human being like anyone else subject to UK laws if they're in the UK of the UK, NI# too etc... This person I'm a fan of with this band and... This person with my city and my country's choice of red (phone box/post box/TFL bus) - made me love my guitar even more.
It's all IMO, don't shoot me down for my opinions on taste and my usage of the abbreviation of IMO opposed to using 'in my opinion' because, it means the same thing...
Saffron rocks, IMO

I wonder how brave I am to post others, Spice Girls (I believe they wrote their own songs, sounded great)... Ms. Dynamite (again, I believe wrote her own songs and sounds great)... I probably will end up posting them, but, for now... Welcome to Fem Rock.
What women, whatever genre, do you think rock?
Who sounds great?
What songs do you love?
And if you want to share, why?
Fem Rock. 
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