GONE For spares or repair

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  • Sony ST-JX5 tuner
  • Proton 720 Cassette machine
  • TEAC CD-P1120 CD machine
  • Technics RS--T55R cassette machine
  • JVC KD-A33 cassette machine
  • (edit) Alba dvd machine (bought cheapo in Sainsburys, probably 2006)

None of them work but if you want any bits out of them I'll send it to you and trust you to make a £5 donation of your choice (edited) per item to Fretboard funds

TIMEOUT: 16 11 2017 items will be taken to local recycling unless spoken for by then

The hours of work we put in, to spend good money on these things, and we think they'll make us happy when we've got them (they do, for a while) ... but they end up in the Big Skip
"Working" software has only unobserved bugs.
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