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Afternoon all,

Just a quick post with news of my new (second hand) Evil Robot C30 Amp.

So far I really like it, the stock Chinese tubes were really harsh so I swapped out the 12AX7s in number 1 and 2 for a set of Ruby 12AX7s that I had in the drawer. Then the 4 Chinese 6V6s were replaced with two Groove Tube 6L6's.

The result is a much better (and less harsh) sounding amp, when driven stays nice and tight and is a good compliment to my main amp (Fender Princeton 68). Two channels are also handy.

I think I'll grab 4 decent 6V6 tubes and a couple of 12AU7s and see how that sounds. I might try and get one channel sounding warm and clean and the other more gritty and driven so when I take it to jam at my mates house I only have to take one amp.
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