FS: Celestion V-type 16 Ohm speaker.

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Bright Onion Single Footswitch with LED, battery clip only (9v lasts bloody ages!), velcro on bottom. £20  *SOLD*

 TGI Two button footswitch. Solid, budget double footswitch. £12

 Palmer Junction Guitar DI Box. Switches for pad level and type of speaker emulation. Very authentic sounding, great for both live and recording work. Ground lift and all that. This is an early version without the mounting plate, so i made up four small mounting brackets from stainless steel, i only ever used two mounted to one end as that seemed stable enough, but i'll include all four. Sits between your amp head and speaker although i always had it running from a spare speaker jack output on the amp. £40 *Sold*

 Celestion V-Type Speaker, between 4-10 hours use.16 ohm 70w. Sorry no original box on this but i do have a warehouse box i can ship it in. £40 posted. 

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