Guitar brands with printed dates

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Hello all,

Bit of an odd question but looking for guitar brands that print the year of manufacturer on their guitars (as well as serial numbers).

My daughter (1st child) was born in 2015 and I bought an Epiphone Gary Clark jr sig casino which had 2015 printed on the rear of the headstock. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to have for when they are older.

Just had another daughter so now looking for a 2017 guitar. I am a strat player really but obv Fender only do serial numbers which don’t have the same effect. I know Gibson print the year, and I am guessing epiphone do? Any other brands that people know of (electric or acoustic) I don’t want to pay more than £1k tops so can’t go high end, and want something fairly classic.

Any help would be good.

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