Sold: Dr Z EZG 50 Blonde Head - Ultimate Fender Super Reverb Now £950

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So, I got this as part of a recent deal - was after the 2x10 and the seller was unwilling to split - I was well up for trying it out and, for what it does, it's the bees knees, but just not my normal style and is a serious bit of kit to have knocking around at home instead of in the hands of someone who'll use it. That said, I've been using it as a pedal platform and there's something obscenely pretty about everything it does - it takes pedals like no 'blackface' style amp I've every used and the reverb is incredible.

Had a bit of an issue with fuses/hum at higher volumes but this has since been sorted - see thread in the AMPs section. Hasn't flinched since. In very clean physical condition indeed. 

I've also since spent £70 on new preamp and rectifier tubes from Watford Valves (Mullard NOS 12AT7s, Tung Sol RI 12AX7s, JJ GZ34) and the power section had a new matched set of Groove Tubes 6L6GCs put in there very recently and biased/checked over by Roland Lumby at The Amp Clinic. I'll also include the working 12AX7, 12AT7 and rectifier I took out, plus power cable and padded cover.

I'm in Manchester but willing to travel for the right deal. Given a new one is £2k from Peach, with extra valves and cover I'll say £1150 NOW £950!!! Any questions please let me know. 

(don't worry, the back panel has all screws and washers, just put it in place for photos!!)
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