[SORTED] WTB: PA GEAR - mixer & power amp or powered mixer

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Not a lot for sale 'round my way, so I thought i'd ask all you nice folks if you have any of the following equipment laying around spare/unused that you might be tempted to part with. 

You could put some cash in your Christmas and help a fellow Fretboarder out at the same time? 

I'm looking for gear along the lines of: 

Mixer -  8 XLR inputs required 
Power Amp - minimum 350w per channel

or powered mixer to the sum of the above. 

Neutrik speakon outputs preferred. 

Thanks in advance 

EDIT: I have a total budget of £250 which could be stretched a little if justifiable - or any suggestions on best places to look for cheap gear other than ebay and gumtree 

FURTHER EDIT: I had better mention that i live at the end of the world (really close to falling off) in Cornwall, so any offers of equipment should include for a delivery service of some sort. 

FYI/FWIW I purchased from eBay (boo!) a Yamaha EMX512sc
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