SOLD: Lazy J J20 (mint)

JeebasJeebas Frets: 32
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I'm considering selling my mint J 20 (basic model with VAC, no reverb or trem on this one).

I got this from Jesse last December and it's sat in my guitar room ever since. Never been out of the house and rarely been played to be honest, as I always end up playing through my plexi-voiced amp.

Not sure what the going rate for the Lazy J is at the moment but given the essentially new condition, and the fact that it cost slightly over £2k after shipping, I'd reckon £1800 is fair.

Not 100% sure I want to sell it but it seems a shame to have such a good amp getting such little use.

Based in Belfast but I have the original packaging so would be happy to ship at cost. Sold for £1700.

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