New engineer looking for recording / mix / mastering projects - Bands Wanted - costs only

Hi guys

Not sure if this is the right forum to post, but I just wanted to offer my free services as an aspiring sound engineer / producer to the good people here. I am looking for experience working with bands / artists across a variety of genres, and I would like to build up a portfolio of “real-world” jobs.

I am happy to take on a variety of jobs, such as:

* Recording demo / EP (on location / “guerrilla” tracking, or full studio recording - I have now found a cheap room in Redhill, Surrey for drum tracking). But happy to travel at costs, ideally not too far from Greater London;
* Mixing, and reamping;– can be done remotely;
* Mastering – can be done remotely;

As long as it doesn’t cost me anything in expenses, I am happy to offer the first song (/the right project) for costs only - or basically, free, whilst I'm starting out. The only thing that I ask for is that I can use the recordings for my portfolio, and that you would give me a reference / testimonial once the project is completed.

I can discuss to discuss my experience and gear – just drop me a note. I’m hoping there will be mutually beneficial opportunities from this. Happy to work in all genres – I have played and recorded death metal, classical / opera, acoustic rock over years…

Some feedback from offering a similar service on basschat forum:

"Been working with Roman for a couple of weeks and can say that I'd happily recommend his work! We've been working on a solo bass composition which I recorded at home, then sent over to Roman for all the production work. The first file I sent wasn't up to standard, so Roman advised me how to improve, both in terms of my playing, and also in terms of how to setup my equipment - I'm a complete novice with recording and he was very patient with me despite this! Roman worked on the recording and sent it across so we could discuss what to do to improve it. He explained everything that had been done to the piece as well as listen to my opinions to get a f I shed recording that we are both pleased with. I would be very happy to work with Roman again in the future, and can't recommend his work enough!

"Roman did a great job with our demo and definately going to use him again."

"Roman was kind (and patient) enough to have a look at one of my bands tracks and spent some time looking at levels and boosting certain parts, to the point where a noticeable difference was acheived.
I would definitely recommend him to others and when the time comes, I'll be searching out his skills again."

I’m also interested to hear from any studio/live engineers in London who may be willing to offer me some work experience.

I may bump this very occasionally – but please feel free to contact me or share my details. 

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