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sherpa_mansherpa_man Frets: 489
edited April 2018 in FX £

All are PayPal gift and price includes shipping

MM effects mini fuzz £40

ZVEX 2002 Fuzz Factory hand painted £145

Jim Dunlop Rotovibe £175

Maxon OD-9 £65

Boss PS-6 £80

Vintage block letter Mxr phase 100 with power cable £80 SOLD

MM Effects Outatime Drive £68

Boss GP-10 £195 needs a uk power cable SOLD

Made By Mike Dream Box SOLD

Full Tone Fat Boost 3 £60 SOLD

MXR Q Zone £85 SOLD

Eventide h9 max SOLD

Rocktron All Access touring model, a little beat up £150

RJM Mini amp gizmo SOLD


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