Andrew Marr - is it just me, or is he not a very good interviewer?

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Every time I see him interview politicians, he lets them evade every interesting question, and just moves to the next question.
Does he ever really engage with an unscripted and searching follow-on question?

I also suspect he isn't all that bright after seeing this video from 1996:

there's a long intro, the interview starts at 4:20
but for my point, watch from 8:00
pa attention from 9:15
11:05 is the crucial moment: Marr does not react at all to this fundamental and massive point (i.e. that society filters out most journalists who don't follow the established viewpoint), he just moves to the next question

Anyway, back to my point: who enjoys watching the style of interview he offers every sunday? to me they just seem like flattering interviews that offer the subject the chance to speak on TV with zero risk of being caught out or really put on the spot

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