Withdrawn - Keeping - Rare early 1991 Martin 000-16 -

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Withdrawn - Keeping

A beautiful early 1991 Martin 000-16 guitar (serial number 509523)

£1150 £1100 collected from Surrey. 

You may think that a 16 Series Martin from over 25 years ago is just an older version of the 16 Series models that the company offers today but they are very different. The 16 Series models made from 1986 through 1994 were given the same construction and finish as 000-18, but with scalloped top bracing and less binding. It sounds a lot like a mid-1940s 000-18 because with scalloped bracing and a small maple bridge plate it’s actually closer in construction to a 1944 000-18.

 This guitar has a beautiful satin finish, a nicely aged spruce top with bear claw, rosewood fingerboard, bridge and peghead overlay, mahogany back & sides, tortoise binding and pick guard. There is some very small marks on the top and a small very thin chip on the top of the head but all are ultimately minor cosmetic and have no effect on the sound, playability or integral strength of the guitar.

 This guitar has a K&K pure mini pick up fitted by Charlie Chandler and as favoured by most of Nashvilles top pickers.

 Both acoustically and plugged in it is incredibly loud but sweet and full so it works equally well for subtle picking as it does for strumming and being played hard.This guitar is now a rare and sought after model which have become increasingly scarce. Many collectors and players covet these guitars over the considerably more expensive 000-18's and even 28's.



·      Scalloped X brace

·      Dovetail neck joint

·      Mahogany back and sides.

·      Diamond inlays

·      Tortoise pickguard and binding

·      1 11/16” nut scale

·      25.4 scale joining the body at the 14th fret.   


CASE: Original case is an arched top "Canadian" style case with 4 latches and plush maroon/deep red interior.

 Here’s the chance to get a great all-solid-woods Martin, with nitro lacquer finish and “old style” construction













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