Help a synth novice with his first purchase...

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I feel like I might be at the top of another slippery slope here, but synths... 

I know my way around a keyboard, I can hammer out chords and a few basic leads, and I've tried a few synths already. Not quite sure where to start. I'm looking for something to create big atmospheric soundtrack with a dark edge to them, also love dance music like Underworld and grubby deep house so would like to be able to create those sounds/textures as well.

@GavRichList already recommended a Korg Minilogue as a good starting point in terms of what it can do, and it does look really good. I might have a budget for one of those plus a Moog Mother 32 or Sub Phatty.

I love the Moog sound, so would probably be looking down the analogue synth route, but it's not polyphonic (which is something I'd prefer but might be willing to sacrifice for "that" Moog sound). It would also have to have an arpeggiator and sequencer. 

I've tried and really loved the Sub 37 (though polyphony and the Prophet Rev 2 (and the Novation peak), and would like to give the Matrixbrute a try. On one hand these are high-end synths that do a LOT and it would be a lot of money and one argument is to start simple and build up as I get into it. On the other hand, if I were to start with one high-end do-a-lot synth, you can still start simply and learn gradually to use all the features.

Not asking much, am I? Help out a synth novice, please...

... or put me off, tell me to stick to the guitar and save myself from a whole different world of potential GAS! :)
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