Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace £600

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Selling my Mesa Stiletto Ace. Good condition, some scuffs from gigging, but full working order and it sounds immense. It's not totally stock,. The speakers are a pair of 1980 Celestion G12-65 with Marshall labels. Finally, the tone stack has been tweaked to give slightly thicker midrange - the mid-slope resistor changed from 39 to 27kOhms, if you want to play with the Duncan Tone-Stack Calculator. B 
It's an incredible sounding amp - two channels, each of which has three voicings, diode and valve rectification options, Foot-switchable solo boost and a series FX loop that's much more practical IMO than the parallel loops Mesa used in the past. A surprisingly nice clean tone, too. It's a very loud 50w, I've never found it lacking for power, but the master and channel volume knob tapers are fantastic so it's easy to dial in over a wide range of volumes. 
Comes with a Hard Flight Case, Original Footswitch and stereo cable. 
I'm pretty confident you won't find a better sounding Stiletto Ace, the 65w speakers really are a match made in heaven. 
No postage pick up from Nottingham simply because Mesa 2x12 combos are heavy beasts.

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