Guitar Player needed for progressive band Glasgow Area

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Hi Everyone and my first post!

Guitar player required for Scottish prog rock band, we have a good profile and are currently working on a new album, our last album was very well received . We don't play many gigs but the ones we do are festivals both here and abroad. We have played Europe and North American relatively recently and fully expect to again, we rehearse regularly.

We are looking for an excellent lead guitar player, acoustic and electric, BVs would be a big bonus. We are all of a certain vintage so it would  suit someone 40s to 50s but younger or older is cool;)   

Musically the band are primarily progressive rock but with elements folk, traditional, rock, alt rock, metal and even Americana and are really open to anything.

Although we are all professional types with jobs and kids and the band is a hobby we are very committed and would expect any new member to reflect that commitment.  It's a great privilege to be invited to play good gigs and for people to buy our music and that is what we are in it for, so ideally we are looking for someone whose prime motivation is to flex their creative muscle. A guitar player who is reliable, good gear etc goes without saying also someone who writes or can contribute to writing.

We are also all reasonably nice and normal and are looking for similar !

I'm new to the forum but I take it you can pm me with any questions, looking forward to hearing from you!

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