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Hi folks.

Just throwing this out there to see how folk find the Orange Rocker 15. I am increasingly liking what I see of these online and am contemplating one as a "step up" from my current DSL5. It looks like a worthwhile upgrade and the array of features seem to suit what I am looking for.

It's home use by a learner / progressing level player (me) for classic rock, some blues and some clean - lower gain stuff. I'd like the option of going up the gain scale sometimes though, but I have a couple of pedals if I want to try my hand at some metal etc. It seems to fit the bill for all these things and the flexibility of the power modes look brilliant and the drive channel looks much more usable right through the range than the DSL. I find the DSL gain channel is over the top at anything beyond a quarter, but I still like it at the settings I use and the clean channel sounds great when I can open it up, so I'll be keeping the Marshall rather than replacing it.

Has anyone got one of these Rockers? How do they sound? I'm not really after dark tones, I seem to like the 70s style mid type sound, I'm mostly playing AC/DC, Led Zep, Free... the Usual Suspects I guess. Are there any issues with them? Does it need upgrades to get the best from or anything like that?

I'm not ready to buy yet, but with the Christmas holidays coming up I might manage to go for a test drive of one while I'm off work and they may even pop up in the sales, so I'm planning ahead a wee bit.


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  • @andyp ; I'll try and help. 

    I've owned and gigged my R15 for the last 9 months and really enjoy it. 

    The dirty channel goes from tame to pretty filthy - so will cover blues to classic rock, and rolling back the guitar volume will yield some pretty usable "rock" cleans.

    I don't use the amp's clean channel so cannot comment on this but all the reviews I digested prior to purchase indicated that this channel was pretty good (but not fender clean). 

    I set/use mine on the dirty channel at "just breaking" then use the guitar volume/tone and various combinations of boost, OD and distortion  pedals for any extra grit and colour that I need. 

    I've never used the power scaling options so unable to offer any help here.

    I've had no issues with mine, and not felt the need to upgrade anything,  the stock speaker is nay bad.  

    Mine came with a full compliment of JJ valves for all positions and being cathode biased means you can DIY drop in a new set of matched EL84's when needed. 

    I bought an official cover from Orange which was bloody good value at around £15. 

    I  haven't found the amp to be dark - and the eq section on the dirty channel is pretty effective for fine tuning but, one man's dark... YMMV.. etc..

    Overall I've been very pleased and it's made both my ENGL and TSA15 amps redundant, I probably won't buy another amp until i can afford a MESA or Friedman. 
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  • andypandyp Frets: 191
    Thanks @paulphoenix that's really useful and is pretty much how it had been coming across in the reviews that's I've seen / read.

    I don't really like Fender style super clean so that side of things sounds fine too. One issue I've had with the DSL is that the gain channel doesn't seem to work very well with pedals so that issue seems to be solved with the Orange too based on what you've said above. I think overall, I'd get a lot more options and flexibility from the Rocker 15 than the DSL. I won't really be able to make use of the 15 watt mode and probably not the 7 either, but maybe eventually I'll start playing louder or want to play with other folk outside of learning in the house. Now I know more about what I want from my guitar gear and the style I play etc. I think the Orange covers all of it with enough room to go more metally, which I would like to do.

    Hmmm. It does sounds like a level up from the DSL5. I don't have the cash yet but could probably find it if I had to... Probably worth some test drives over the Christmas break or after New Year.

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