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well the last two have gone down well and I have enjoyed doing them.

the local shop told me quite directly I should do nothing else except replicate the Earth 2 ‘52 over and over again.  

That’s just not the way I do things.  I want to build different things... but I think I want to keep an LP in the go at the same time.

so, I scratched my 52 itch and it’s time for something different.

the 3 top runners are, in no particular order:

*a 54 wrap-tail in oxblood with P-90’s.
*a 55 custom in whatever colour you want, as long as it’s black.. likely with dynasonics again, that worked well
*a 59 burst with a different pickup choice... not cherry, hand rubbed antique style

obviously whatever I do, it won’t be an authentic replica

Lets see what happens

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