SOLD (at last) 2018 Giant Contend SL2, medium size - drop to £400

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Long story to explain why I'm selling a pretty new bike, for those that may want to know...
After getting into cycling a few years ago I had a decent road bike. Now keep fit playing touch rugby, so that bike was used for occasional commuting and not really into long rides any more. 
Then it got nicked at work 2 months ago. In a strange departure from my usual experience with insurance companies, they very quickly supplied a replacement which was a brand spanking new 2018 bike. Tbh, I just don't need it, and my old Ridgeback hybrid does the job for trips out with the kids. Hence a very new bike for a sale at significant saving over shop price.

 I have literally done about 4 dry laps of Richmond Park on this, and that's it. Few small marks on the seat post from indelicate spanner adjustment of saddle height, otherwise as would be in a shop. 

I'm sure you can check all the specs online but happy to answer any questions best I can. Tiagra all round and has internal cable routing on top and down tube. Has Shimano Spd pedals fitted but have the stock pedals as well. Total cost with pedals would be about £925. 

£400 for any cycling fretboarders. Collection from New Malden, SW London/surrey. 

more photos

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