Sold: Gibson CS R6 Goldtop, 2010, 8lb 12oz, £2300

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Right - after much deliberation and after the arrival of my Probett this probably should go to a more appreciative home. And I’ve got chance of an old ES330 which has hastened my decision!

The good bits are it’s pretty light for a 56 with a nice handful of a neck. It’s got the original case and booklet. Made in 2010 and has been played - the bad news is there is some signs of use, not misuse I might add. Finish worn through on back of neck. It sounds great, nice bite. 

I prefer these lightbacks - you can see what wood you’re getting!

Lots of pics here:

May consider trades, traded plus cash preferred for the 330 fund! Sensible offers encouraged. 

Guitar and me are near Huddersfield. Centre of the universe. 

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