RAW Riff of The Month (RRotM) #32 - Chat

Here's the 32nd RAW Riff of the Month (RRotM) Challenge, being run by @stratman3142 and @TTony.

The challenge is now open, and remains open for submissions until 11:30pm on 24th January 2018. We're starting early because people may have some time available over the Xmas break.

RAW Riff of the Month (RRotm) is different to the other (RotM) riff challenge because you are only allowed to submit a recording with one layer of guitar, but you can use standard guitar effects such as wah, distortion, delay, modulation etc. This is all about one amazing riff and nothing else. 

All you have to do is ...
Write a riff.
Record it with one layer of guitar (standard guitar effects are also permitted)
Keep it to a maximum of 50 seconds. This is about riffs, not songs.

Send your entry (as an mp3) to riffs@theFB.co.uk
Include your forum name in the email, but let us know if you would like your entry to be anonymous.

I'll try to upload the tracks soon after I receive them, rather than wait until the end.
Feel free to describe how you created your entry, your inspiration, recording techniques whatever.... It would be good to get a discussion going.

Voting will start soon after the submission deadline of 24th January 2018, with each voter selecting their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.
First choice gets 5 points - Second choice gets 3 points - Third choice gets 1 point
Voting will end on 11.30pm 31st January 2018

The order and scores of the three people with the most votes will be announced soon after the voting ends. Although it's not really about winning and there are no prizes. Think of it as forum team building, learning from each other ...  

It's not a competition.
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