Silent Mic footswitch ?

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I want to be able to reroute my mic through my iPad for a cheeky vocoder effect on one number and I don't want to faff about with a second mic.  I don't trust the iPad to have my vocal through it constantly and just switch off the effect for 99% of the set, plus I'd have to take my hand off the guitar to switch the effect in and out.

What's the best design for the switching - and would it be silent with just a regular DPDT footswitch and nothing else ?

I was thinking that the vocoded output from the iPad will be at line level, so I can't really use the same channel on the mixer without blasting the input when the iPad is in the loop.  Pain in the arse to have to run another cable and use a whole channel for one bit of one song.

Maybe it would be better to route it all through the iPad after all and keep it all at line-level on the one mixer channel ?  I'm a bit wary of letting a computer sit between my mic and the PA....  You never know what the bloody things are going to do half the time - email notification halfway through a song etc... !

I suppose I could build a footp.... no, that wouldn't work...  .. yes it would... but I'd have to attenuate the line-level output of the iPad down to mic-level so I could use the same channel on the desk....  but then the run from the footswitch to the mixer would become unbalanced - and mic-level.  Shit.

Answers on the back of an RS catalogue...
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