FS AC30 clone head SOLD pending payment

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AC30 clone.
Bought from a fellow forumite, this a hand-built AC30 clone, with separate inputs for normal and top boost. This is a really awesome sounding AC30 and I've loved owning it and using it for the last few years. It has power scaling, which is really effective and has made the amp useable at any volume. It's been awesome getting classic AC30 edge-of-breakup tone regardless of how loud I'm playing. Having it in a head has been so much more convenient (and spared me so much back pain) compared to a combo, and also allowed me to try some unusual speaker combinations—it's not classic Vox, but I've discovered I like the pairing of an AC30 and Vintage 30 speakers, for example.

Save yourself a ton of money compared to buying a new Vox, and get a probably more authentic sound into the bargain!

As the previous owner explained to me in an email when I bought it:

"regarding the bloke who made it he was pissed about the Vox AC30 being so expensive and and not quite doing the classic sound that he'd heard on early recordings of them. He had made several amps and found the schematics for an original ac30 and decided to go for it. He built from scratch (btw I have the schematics). He sourced good quality parts and put it together. When he sold it it was because of a divorce I believe. I took it into Martin at MJW and he went through it and tidied stuff up that needed doing (solder points etc) and made sure everything was a ok."

The previous owner sent me a scan of the schematic the head was built from. Annoyingly I don't have that anymore, but anyway, it was an unmodified classic AC30 design. As the seller noted, it was serviced by MJW prior to sale. The seller told me, if memory serves that Martin had confirmed the amp was "everything an AC30 should be". I contacted Martin before I bought it. He was understandably reluctant to comment on someone else's private sale, but he did confirm that he had serviced the amp. I too took it to a local amp tech, who also gave it a thumbs up.

As you can see from the pictures below it's really well built. I also have hi-res versions of these images I can send.  

Issues: two tears in the tolex. When it gets hot (and it does get hot) sometimes the piping comes loose. Once part of the tolex started to lift.

I have a set of replacement preamp and power amp valves that I will include.

£400 £350 delivered in the UK.

AC30 clone:

Fender Princeton Reverb 65 Reissue SOLD
PRRI is in excellent condition and has been well looked after. Only real cosmetic issue is a small tear in the tolex (pictured). The tolex is double thickness, so it isn't through to the wood, and the flap could easily be stuck back down. Sounds beautiful and works a treat. Footswitch and original cover included. £700 SOLD for £690.

Weber MiniMass 

I found this to be the perfect attenuator for these amps, but now I'm selling them I have no use for it anymore. I also tried it with a Marshall 2061X, and it was great with that. £100 delivered in the UK. SOLD
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