FS - 2 Turbowolf tickets for Manchester 9th March £18 for pair.

Hey guys,

Crazy story. I bought my girlfriend 2 tickets for Turbowolf in Manchester on 9th of March for Christmas. Yup you guessed it, she also bought me 2 tickets! So now we have 4!

Anyway, so I'm hoping to sell 2 of them for £18? They cost £24.70. The face value is £11 but they come to £24 once you add on the pointless fees.

You can also have a choice of what tickets you want! 2 of them are e tickets and 2 of them are actual tickets that will be sent to my house!

E tickets would be easier as I can just instantly email you them.

I've seen Turbowolf about 5 times, amazing band!

Thanks for looking guys.  

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