SOLD: Martin 000-15 with L.R. Baggs Lyric pickup dropped to £850

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SOLD: my Martin 000-15; small-bodied solid ‘hog lovely that’s a favourite of finger pickers and singer-songwriters. From 2007, has a great warm tone as it has had the play and years to open up and is surprisingly loud as a result. Fitted with an L.R. Baggs lyric microphone-pickup to capture it at its best live -no piezo quack here.

In player grade condition, solid and sound with no structural issues, just the remnants of several years of regular gigging -a glossed up forearm area on the top and neck from play, some small scrapes from a thumb ring on the back of the neck and two very small dings on the top (shown in the pic with the pic).

Need this to go quickly as I’ve seen snapped something up and need to pay it off so looking for £850.

Ideally buyer to collect from near Kettering, Northants (just off the a14) or I’m happy to drive to meet for an exchange within a reasonable distance (possibly with a few quid towards fuel -we can chat about this). I have also got a box now, so postage is a possibility at your expense.

Edit: had two responses now asking me to remove the pickup, it comes as a whole I’m afraid, the buyer can do what they want with the pickup after purchase (I’ll even include the original pickup box if you want to go down that route). Cheers.

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