Female lead vocals + male/female bassist deps needed. Good pay!

Unlikely I know, but does anyone know of any awesome female vocalists or any bass players based in Manchester/Leeds/Sheffield area looking for weekend work in a function band? Backing or even lead vocals from the bassist are a massive plus but most importantly you need to be playing bass to a good standard and be able to groove with the rest of the band.

We're a well established band but not all of us are full time musicians so we only gig at weekends. We have a couple of dates that need covering this year, and the dep roles will likely become permanent at the end of the year when the current bassist and singer get married and stop gigging. At this point, you'd be looking at around 20 well paid gigs a year.

As a guideline, we're all age 20 - 30 ish and we're playing a massive range of stuff from Chic to Fleetwood Mac to Aretha Franklin.
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